User Guide for LED Soldering Iron

**Quick Tips for Common Inquiries:**

- **Disabling Auto-Off/Shutdown Feature:**

  To prevent the device from automatically turning off, enter the settings menu by pressing and holding the control knob for 3 seconds. Once in the menu, set both 'Sleep Timer Setting' (H02) and 'Auto-Shutoff Timer' (H04) to '0'. Exit the menu and restart the device to apply changes.


**Quick Start:**


  1. Ensure the T12 Lead-Free hoof tip is fully inserted into the handle after removing any protective cap. Then, connect the handle to its base to avoid the error message 'Err/025' from displaying. Tighten the other parts.


  1. Attach the base to your battery.


  1. Power on the base if you do not wish to modify any settings.


  1. To access the settings menu for configuration adjustments, press and release the control knob for 3 seconds.

- **H01**: "Step Temp Adjustment" - This setting controls how much the temperature changes with each step when adjusting.


- **H02**: "Sleep Timer Setting" - This allows you to set the duration before the device enters sleep mode after inactivity.


- **H03**: "Temp Drift Control" - This could be used to adjust the allowance for temperature fluctuation or stability.


- **H04**: "Auto-Shutoff Timer" - This sets how long the device will remain on without activity before automatically powering off.


- **H05**: "Sleep Mode Temp" - This setting controls the temperature the device should maintain while in sleep mode.


- **H06**: "Temp Calibration" - This would be used to calibrate the temperature readings, possibly by setting a percentage for calibration offset.


- **H07**: "Vibration Sensitivity" - This could adjust the sensitivity of the device to vibrations for systems that use such a feature to wake from sleep or to alert the user.


- **H08**: "Dial Direction Setting" - This would set the direction the control knob needs to be turned for increasing or decreasing settings.


- **H09**: "Display Brightness" - This setting controls the brightness level of the device's screen.


- **H10-H16**: "Temp Offset Fine-Tuning" - These could relate to fine-tuning the temperature calibration at specific points within the operating range (e.g., at 0, 100, 200, ... up to 600 degrees).


Remember, when you're done adjusting these settings, the device likely requires a restart to ensure all the new configurations take effect. Also, depending on the device, some settings might require technical knowledge to adjust correctly without affecting the device's performance or lifespan, so it's often best to consult the manual or a professional if you're unsure.

  1. Please remove the soldering iron station from battery when not in use.


  1. Please keep the item from unprofessional people when in use.
  2. Please wear protected gears like glasses when in usage.