Can We Design Battery Adapters for Dyson V10/11, DC44, DC45 etc?

The short answer is "Yes, We Can!" 

Actually we already have prototypes in our lab. So the real question is: 

Why is it not for sale yet?

Simply because of these IM units from China.

You wont believe but this happened:

Last week we received an order through eBay, it triggered our fraud analysis as their billing address does not match. 

Then we figurerd out the order is sending to an international shipping company called CHS logistcs (Thanks to Google Map) around Syd. 

This is fun so I went deeper.

And worked with my Chinese staff to narrow it down a bit. 

The info above is public so there is no violation of privacy etc,

To sum up, we had a direct competitor just bought 2 products from us. 

These people wont spend a few days to at least build and test thier own models. Wordless. 

And yet there is another company here, 

This email makes me laugh at least once a day. 

We are preparing for lawsuits against these mimic cats, before we bring the justice home all new designed products can only go through direct request with NDA. 

Its your choice to buy from whoever you like, but maybe you can ask yourself what does that makes you if you finance intellectual thefts?

Its our job to defend our legally entitled rights, afterall whats the point to make new products if we cant ,protect our bottom line? we can just become a reseller and make easy money but we are not going to do easy stuff.