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LED Site Work Lights FAQs

Are LED floodlights worth it?

At CrossFirePower, we recommend investing in battery-powered floodlights for a variety of reasons. Not only are they beneficial in the dark and ideal for security reasons, but they are also extremely cost-effective and long-lasting. LED lights will last up to 30,000 hours, which is up to 20 times longer than the traditional halogen light. Hence, they are extremely beneficial for various reasons.

How safe are LED floodlights?

LED floodlights are one of the safest lighting options you will find on the market. This is because they produce very little heat compared to standard light bulbs. For more information on LED work site lights and the safety they provide for consumers, talk to our experts today.

Can I use LED floodlights at home?

Battery-powered, portable LED floodlights are ideal for home security and lighting up your garden at night. At CrossFirePower, our work site LED lights are the perfect option for when you’re looking for energy-saving and reliable lighting solutions. Don’t go anywhere else for your portable power tools, as we’ve got everything you need at CrossFirePower.

Want more information on portable floodlights that are battery powered? Talk to our experts at CrossFirePower today.