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Hot Glue Gun FAQs

How long does a glue gun last?

The lifespan of your hot glue gun will depend on how frequently it is used. Normally, one of our guns should last you 5-10 years if it is properly maintained and handled with care. Cordless rechargeable hot glue guns are built to last, and at CrossFirePower, we stock only the best selection on the market. Talk to our experts today for more information on the longevity of battery-powered hot glue guns.

Is hot glue permanent?

Yes. Hot glue is permanent and will join two materials together seamlessly. The melted glue from the gun will cool and harden to form a secure bond. By using a high-quality glue gun from CrossFirePower, your material will remain in pristine condition. Shop our range of battery-powered hot glue guns now

What will hot glue not stick to?

If you had a bunch of hydrated gel balls ready for a game but never got through all of them, you can always save them for another day.

First, strain any excess water off the gel blaster balls, then pour them all into a container. Any plastic container will do the job - water bottle, ice cream tub, you name it.

Hot glue will not stick to smooth or non-porous materials, such as glass or other plastics. This is especially true if the surface has an oily finish. Hence, you must use hot glue on suitable materials to obtain the desired result.

CrossFirePower stocks the best cordless glue guns in Australia. For more information on our equipment, Contact our experts at CrossFirePower today.